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Green Pin® Self Locking Hook SE


The Green Pin® Self-Locking Hook SE is a grade 8 swivel self-locking hook with eye. The self-locking hook locks automatically as soon as it is brought under tension. To release the load the user must manually unlock the hook, which prevents unintended release. This hook brings a full safety for lifting as the latch cannot be removed. The GK hook is a compact, lightweight hook. In comparison to an XL hook, it has the same working load limit, with a smaller size. The large eye, designed with a flat enables an easy assembly on anti-rotating wire rope slings (with thimbles). These hooks are fitted with a needle roller thrust bearing. This enables smooth, easy rotation under load. The eye of the hook can be connected to grade 8 chain with a connecting link or to a webbing with a web sling connector. The flat on the eye enables the assembly with an omega link or on a thimble. The Green Pin® Self-Locking Hook SE is available in a range to suit 7/8 mm up to 22 mm grade 8 chain.

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