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Diversifying for you.

Established in 2006, Atlantic Island Supply Limited (AISL) proudly supplies an extensive range of industrial products to Trinidad and Tobago and the wider region.

Over the last decade, the company has built an impressive and loyal customer base for its proven expertise in the Protective Coatings industry and has continued its diversification to meet the growing needs of the Energy, Construction, Manufacturing and Transportation industries, among others.

Our Values

Strive for Excellence and Efficiency

Strive for excellence and efficiency in all facets of work, with an understanding of why and how work is done. This is a promise of cost-saving options to our customers while ensuring workflows are safe and error-free, thereby avoiding delays and cost increases, as well as preventing poor quality products or services from reaching customers.  

Driven by Honesty

Driven by honesty both internally and externally. We recognize that dishonesty affects organizational culture, teamwork, management, communication and relationships. We are serious about keeping commitments and not making promises we can't keep. We take responsibility for our actions and devise plans to remedy the situation and stick to it.

Sustainability through Innovation

Sustainability through innovation. We understand the impact our organization has on the environment and tap into innovative ideas to reduce energy use, waste, and increase overall workplace satisfaction. We are focused on creating a collaborative and pleasant workplace to improve overall morale and productivity.

Never Settle

We are committed to going the extra mile and never settling in any area of work. From client-facing to back-office operations, we are committed to continuous progression knowing that excellence is a place where people who refuse to settle for mediocrity live.

Expertise and Knowledge

We remain steadfast to developing our expertise and knowledge in all business operations. We will work as a team to promote knowledge-sharing instead of knowledge-hoarding. We will continuously challenge ourselves to learn new skills and contribute in holistic ways to the organization.



Atlantic Island Supply Limited believes that quality is the pinnacle of business and our pathway to excellence. We aim to consistently deliver unmatched products and services, while actively pursuing ever improving quality that will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.  

It is the policy of AISL to: 

  • Comply to all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. 

  • Effectively implement and continually improve our Quality Management System through periodical reviews.  

  • Maintain a shared approach to quality through employee and management engagement and continued interactions with our stakeholders.  

  • Be responsive to internal and external issues that may influence our organizational performance, holistically. 

This document will be reviewed periodically by AISL Management to ensure that the objectives of this policy remains pertinent as we continually improve our  HSE business aspects.  

Issue Date: 22nd May, 2020

Next Revision Date: 22rd May, 2022


Atlantic Island Supply Limited is a premier provider of industrial products related to asset integrity, access, rigging and lifting, mechanical solutions and more. As a responsible supplier, we believe the growth of our business solely depends on our ability to continually improve our operations, not compromising the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders, which is our greatest asset. 

In particular, we pledge our commitment to: 

  • Legal & Regulatory Compliance – We shall commit to HSE Excellence wherever we operate in accordance with established policies, procedures, applicable standards and best practices.

  • Ethical  Responsibility – We shall take resolute steps to emphasize that all employees have a shared ethical obligation regarding code of conduct, no smoking, and no drug policy. 

  • Resource & Engagement – We shall provide the necessary training and resources for the workforce to support safe systems of work, and by extension ensure that all delegates are clear of their HSE responsibilities. 

  • Safe  Workplace – We shall take reasonable care in providing a safe work environment, appropriate tools, equipment and PPE for all employees.  

  • Environment – We shall take proactive measures to reduce or eliminate pollution and prevent environmental harm. 

  • Emergency – We shall ensure that a vigorous emergency response plan is in place to address foreseeable emergencies based on our operations. 

This document will be reviewed periodically by AISL Management to ensure that the objectives of this policy remains pertinent as we continually improve our HSE business aspects.  

Issue Date: 12th May, 2020

Next Revision Date: 12th May, 2022


Environmental management is paramount to Atlantic Island Supply Limited. It is our responsibility to ensure that our operations are managed efficiently to mitigate or eliminate any impact on the environment as is reasonably practicable within our business. 

To address this, the company will: 

  • Demonstrate commitment to legislation regarding environmental compliance where applicable.  

  • Identify critical environmental undertakings, aspects, and impacts, and decide on sound corrective actions. 

  • Endorse the use of sustainable products in the interest of waste disposal and accidental spill prevention. 

  • Seek to minimize the use of energy and raw materials. 

  • Ensure essential employees are aware of the objectives of this policy and are trained in their environmental obligations. 

  • Monitor, review and evaluate environmental performance and outline targets for continual improvement. 

Issue Date: 12th May, 2020

Next Revision Date: 12th May, 2022