Our range of products has grown over the years as we continue to meet the growing needs of the energy, construction and manufacturing industries among others.

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Gin Wheel
0.00 $ 0.0 TTD
This fully certified gin wheel is tested to 1000kg and certified to lift 250kg.
TG20:13 Compliant
Debris Netting (Normal and FR)
0.00 $ 0.0 TTD
• 2M x 50M
• Knitted high density polyethylene (HDPE) with 1/16″ Mesh Openings
• Hem Includes Reinforced Buttonholes
• UV-treated & long lasting
• Flexible in cold temperatures
• Easy to install vertically or horizontally
• Rip Resistant Mesh
• Air Permeable
• Durable, 60% mesh
Steel Swing Gate
0.00 $ 0.0 TTD
• 24" x 38" Self-Closing Spring Loaded Ladder Access Gate Yellow
• BS EN12811, TG20:13 & SG25:14